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Hear what residents and staff are saying about how Connect2Affect Connected Communities™ has opened the door for them to connect with others, gain access to information, and enjoy freedom and independence. It’s already in use at some of the largest multi-site properties nationwide.

I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from participants about the experience. It makes them feel important, empowered, and relevant. In fact, one of the residents told me ‘Oh, my grandkids think I’m cool now.’

  • Tiffany Nicolette
  • VP of Aging in Community, Weinberg Place

Carolyn Peoples, Resident Services Coordinator, Weinberg Place

“It has freed up time for me personally to do other things, because the residents are more self-sufficient. They’re not coming to me as much, because they’re doing things on their own.”

Ms. Ruth, Resident, Weinberg Place

“I’m using it for literally everything and discovering a lot of things to do on it. Plus, once a month, here in the building, we get together and give each other pointers on how to use it and what we can do.”

Mr. Paul, Resident, Weinberg Place

“It’s really useful, because I’m not a paper person. And though we get the print out in the bulletins, I would rather have the information free-flowing. It’s better for me.”

Case Study by LeadingAge

This case study finds that a pilot program across 5 properties brings more social interaction and reduces loneliness.

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