Benefits of Connect2Affect Connected Communities™


Easy-to-use, voice-activated platform that keeps residents in touch with their community, news, and personal entertainment while helping you be in dozens of places at the same time – virtually.

Event Promotion & Management

“Register me for art class.”


“When is the next movie night?”


“Today, there will be a service outage from 10am-11pm.”

Community News

“What’s the latest community news?”

Empowers residents through training

Our hands-on, interactive training for your residents is specifically designed for older adults and creates a fun and safe environment to learn the technology judgment-free. With our unique peer-to-peer approach, even residents initially wary become engaged and eager to learn more.

“I’m using it for literally everything and discovering a lot of things to do on it. Plus, once a month, here in the building, we get together and give each other pointers on how to use it and what we can do.”

– Ms. Ruth, Resident of Weinberg Place

Delivers on-demand access to information

Residents can discover and register for activities using just their voice. By making it easier than ever to register for art class or sign up for movie night, you’ll boost participation in the programs that help seniors maintain the social connections needed to remain independent and age in place longer. And you won’t have to blanket the building with flyers to do it.

“The app makes people feel included. I know everything that’s happening in my community and have the choice of whether I want to attend or not. It’s a great feature.”

– Ms. Shirley, Resident of Weinberg Place

Top view of Echo

Supports active resident engagement

With a friendly voice that’s ready to help, Connected Communities introduces technology to seniors in a fun, easy, and low-cost way. Residents can also personalize their device so they can call family, play favorite songs and set reminders that ensure they stay healthy.

“I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from participants about the experience. It makes them feel important, empowered, and relevant. In fact, one of the residents told me ‘Oh, my grandkids think I’m cool now.’”

– Tiffany Nicolette of Weinberg Place
VP of Aging in Community

Android Device

Increases staff capacity

An online portal allows you to easily share notices, community news, alerts and more with your residents. Managing this information centrally, all through the web, is a game changer that will save your staff valuable time.

“It has freed up time for me personally to do other things, because the residents are more self-sufficient. They’re not coming to me as much, because they’re doing things on their own.”

– Carolyn Peoples of Weinberg Place
Resident Services Coordinator

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Connected Communities Brochure

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