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Introducing Connect2Affect Connected Communities™

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What is Connected Communities?

Connected Communities connects older adults to their senior housing communities by enabling them to access community information using just their voice. The program works with affordable senior housing providers to equip their residents and staff with tools that help seniors maintain the social connections they need to remain independent and age in place longer.

Benefits of Connected Communities

Empowers & connects residents through peer-to-peer training

Delivers on-demand access to information

Supports active resident engagement

Increases staff capacity

In Their Own Words

Hear what residents and staff are saying about how Connected Communities has opened the door for them to connect with others, gain access to information, and enjoy freedom and independence.


Easy-to-use, voice-activated platform that keeps residents in touch with their community, news, and personal entertainment while helping you be in dozens of places at the same time – virtually.

Event Promotion & Management

“Register me for art class.”


“When is the next movie night?”


“Today, there will be a service outage from 10am-11pm.”

Community News

“What’s the latest community news?”

Recommended Resources

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This case study found that a pilot program brings more social interaction and reduces loneliness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find commonly asked questions from Affordable Housing Organizations.

Initially, it was a program that really pulled some neighbors together around just the excitement of bringing a new technology to the building, and we have found that those that were our early adopters to sign onto the program had such a good time with learning the new technology and felt really good about adopting something new.

  • Lisa Budlow
  • Chief Executive Officer  |  Comprehensive Housing Assistance, Inc.

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